Emerald Tablet Broadside - Brian Cotnoir

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The Emerald Tablet presented here appears in my book Alchemy:The Poetry of Matter. There I present a more complete analysis, commentary, and practical experimentation. The translations also appear in my Emerald Tablet an accordion book in limited editions of leather and silk. The text is from Kitab Sirr al-Khaliqah by pseudo-Apollonius of Tyana, edited by Ursula Wasserman. Emerald Tablet translated by Brian Cotnoir.

Design Typesetting Arabic Lettering & Peacock Lara Captan | Emblem Design Daud Sutton | Alchemical Glyph from Kleopatra’s Art of Gold-Making | Printing Roni Gross | The Latin text is set in Seria & Seria Sans by Martin Majoor with a small appearance of kltf Tiptoe by Karsten Luecke; The Arabic text is set in DecoType Naskh by Thomas Milo & Mirjam Somers. The paper is Magnani. Printed at The Center for Book Arts New York City.

Letterpress, signed Limited edition of 103 copies 12″x18″ 300gr Magnani paper.


NOTE: This item ships separately in a flat rigid mailer