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Emerald Tablet

Edition Limited to 29 copies.

Letterpress. Leather Bound in Red Moroccan goat leather with hot stamping 23k gold.

1 copy left


The Empty Chair

The Empty Chair is a visual guide to a thought experiment, or a meditation, however you wish to think of it, on how to open up an object and explore its borders and its creation. It is an alchemical dissolution where creation and change may take place.

Accordion Format. 20 pages.  H 4.5 cm x W(closed) 3 cm, W(open) 35 cm.  Risograph Printed 2018


The Bushwick Grimoire

The Bushwick Grimoire is a response to stories I have heard over the years of folks “working” with grimoires and other magickal texts and then finding “things” that won’t go away. It is a tongue-in-cheek commentary.

Four Sided Single Sheet Folded. Closed H 12.3 cm x W 9.3 cm Title and Back. 1stOpen H 12.3 cm x 18.8 cm Text. 2ndOpen H 18.8 cm x 24.5 cm Grimoire Images. 3rdOpen H 24.5 cm x 37.6 cm Verso Narrative Images. Risograph Printed 2018


The Time SnailTime Snail is a visual representation of “The Lords of the Hours” – a means of determining the planetary influence of a particular hour and day. This idea was used in early medicine in the composition of medicines. Makers of talismans used it as well to determine the rhythms of their compositions and to increase their efficacy. Quotes on time from Aristotle, Marsilio Ficino, and other Hermetic, Neo-Platonic writings are scattered throughout and are to be considered and meditated upon. In general this graphic device is a useful tool for herbalists and other artists who wish to work with a larger composition.


The Monochord: a philosophical instrument

The Monochord is not a musical instrument but a philosophical instrument used by Pythagoras, Euclid, Quintilianus, Harry Partch, etc.  to explore the underlying structure of the cosmos through the study of Harmonics. This little zine provides an overview of the theories but as important it provides instructions on building a monochord and some exercises and charts with which to begin study and practice.

NOTE: The contents of this little zine are in the Alchemy and Music zine.

That is, the monochord related material was pulled out of that zine and put into one risograph single sheet print. It’s for those who might not want all the esoteric stuff and just want to work with a monochord. It’s cute too.

Single Sheet Fold Out.  OUT OF PRINT

On The Quintessence Of Wine

Quintessence of Wine Title Page Cotnoir Alchemy

Quintessence, for the alchemists, was a very subtle medium present in all things but most easily extracted from wine. Through the myth and poetry of wine, and working from primary sources such as De Consideratione Quintae Essentie by John of Rupescissa, Marsilio Ficino’s De vita libri tres, and Arnold of Villanova’s Liber de Vinis, this monograph traces the philosophical development and techniques for isolating and using the quintessence in medicinal preparations. Instructions are given on how to obtain this quintessence and its uses, along with two of the earliest processes for making an aurum potabile.

NOTE: The bulk of the contents of this monograph make up a chapter in Alchemy: The Poetry of Matter.


200 Printed

ISBN 9781941969618

84 pages $15.00    


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