The Emerald Tablet

by Brian Cotnoir

Emerald Tablet Strip - 3
The Emerald Tablet can be considered one of the root texts of alchemy, a brief alchemical work attributed to Hermes Trismegistus; it describes the cyclic flow of all creation – the basis for alchemical practice.

This publication is a collection of new translations of the earliest extant Arabic and Latin versions with accompanying essay and commentary.

arabic-text-2The Latin text is a 12th century translation of the 9th century Arabic text, and they are presented side-by-side with their respective English translations. The accordion book format has the texts and translations on one side, allowing for comparison readings of The Emerald Tablet. On the reverse side is the commentary and brief analysis by Brian Cotnoir. (Read More)

Em Tab Arabic English 1 4190

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